The detoxification process involves the fivefold treatments such as SnehaVasti (oil enema).
Kashaya Vasti (herbal/decoction enema),
Vamanam (emesis),
Nasyam (inhalation of medicated oil or herbs),
Virechanam (purgation therapy).

Rakthamosha (blood letting) is also one among the panchakarma mentioned by Acharya Susrutha, the procedure by which infected blood is let out using different procedures like leech therapy, venesection, cupping therapy etc.



Oral admiration of medicated oil in prescribed dosages by the physician, according to the disease for a specific period of time. Proven cure for treatments for psoriasis, arthritis, psychic disorders.


Sudation therapy or steam bath or inducing sweating by the methods prescribe by Acharya’s, to improve circulation, reduce stiffness, pain, improves the absorbability of the body.


Medicated oil or herbal extract which is used as nasal drops advised by the doctor according to the condition of the patient. This treatment has effect on neurological issues, sinusitis, migraine etc.


Neck and Spine and Ortho disorders
– Dept. of Shalyathantra
Skin and Dermatology
– Dept. of Agathatantra
Arthritis and Neurological issues
– Dept. of Kayachikitsa
Ophthalmic issues and Nasal disorders
– Dept. of Sakalhyatantra
Detoxification and Wellness Packages
Stress management and Insomnia therapies
Immunity management
Specialized Kerala traditional treatments (kalarichikilsa, marmmachikitsa etc.)
Specialized Kerala treatments (Panchakarma).
Beauty Enhancing & Anti ageing
Total Lifestyle, Wellbeing and Rejuvenation